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dcfemmes's Journal

The Femme Ladies of DC
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Why is assumed that if you like other women you have to look like a man?? We throw that stereotype aside and crush it under our stillettos.

This is a community created for the women who pride themselves in their femininity from the Greater DC Area. It is a place to talk about issues within the community at large, to offer up fashion tips and pointers and to just revel in being female. No subject is sacred and every opinion matters. Flame wars will not be allowed but if adult disagreements occur, then good. We are all not packaged in boxes and take what fits us best to define ourselves. All I ask is that you follow a few simple rules:
1. Post photos under cuts. One teaser photo will be allowed but the rest must be hidden or your post will be deleted until you get it right.
2. Ask questions! We are here to help each other out.
3. One may make opinion posts but no calling out individuals by name. We all have our catty sides but we don't need to be heinous bitches all the time.
4. Keep quiz posting to a minimum and they must be on topic.
5. Anything deemed as irrelevant by the mods will be removed at their discretion.
6. Post Events! How is the community ever going to come together if we never meet.

And have fun, this is a place for all. Even if you are not feem but appreciate our beauty feel free to share. I don't know a single femme that turns down compliments ;)

Who else is love?
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